Sunday, September 02, 2012

Aero helmets and power taps oh my!

Well, I decided to take the 1500.00 dollar wheel set off the hanging road bike and put it on my Steel CXSS. If you haven't guessed yet, it's a Powertap. I have kinda scared of doing this because I do have a tendency to ride the very rocky sections as fast as I can and I just don't know if it will hold up.

Today was the first test and the wheels did just fine. I did it one HUGE rock and I waited for failure but nothing. I have decided that I will stay off that part of the trail if I am riding the P tap.

Some of you are probably wondering, "why the hell would you run a power tap or your SS?" The answer, "Because I can." I have been feeling guilty having it hanging in teh shop. I also wanted to know if my training is going well, how far do I ride, and I am really training of just riding.

I have to say that it was nice knowing what was going on. I rode one of my normal SS rides and really had a blast. I really enjoy knowing if I am having even watts vs just being clueless. Riding in Minnesota I wouldn't need one, but here with so much topo change It really helps when trying to stay in a window.

I was a bit worried that it would make me feel slow and weak (I have had this happen in the past). It told me just what I thought it would tell me. I am sitting pretty good for CX season, and there is room to improve in a few areas. I am excited to start racing (next Sat.), which I may not due because of the drive. The season is long so there will be plenty of racing close to home. If I dont race Saturday It will be teh following Saturday. From there on it is every weekend, both days, until mid December. My goals this year are to win a few and stay fit teh whole season. The past two seasons I have fallen off the pace do to work and stress load. I really don't want that to happen again!


On a different note, the trail was packed with joggers, walks, CrossFit BEASTS, and an 80 year old guy with a Rudy Project Aero helmet on an old Schwinn Tempo. I had to take a triple take just to make sure that’s what I saw. I am guessing that it was the only helmet he had available and it is always better to be safe than sorry. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I believe Chad, myself and a few others are heading to Boulder to do some Cross practice at Velmont Bike Park.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You can't win if you don't train

Today was one of those days. school is back in session and the energy used in the first week feels like enough energy to power a house for a year. Being an instructional coach with six new teachers is AWESOME, but very draining. I came home, ate whatever I could find and sat down and played with the IPad. I kept telling myself that the rain coming was keeping me in and that I was just to tired to ride. That's when I had to HTFU!
Yep I was tired but it was more mental then physical. I forced on the kit and went to grab my ss cross bike. I found it waiting with a flat tire. The first Goathead of the year. No worries. I grabbed the Superfly ss and hit the road. I knew I only had an hour and a half and I knew it was going to be a spin-fest.
I raced the sun (that was hiding behind the rain clouds) and got my seat time in. The best part about this ride was when I got home. I was already thinking about the ride tomorrow in Golden. It is race practice and a good group of fast guys always shows up. I don't like to show my cards at these races but maybe tomorrow I'll show a little of what I got in the tank.

On a side note I ran into my first "path-alete" today. He was racing me I guess. I felt kinda sorry for him because he was crushing himself on his 6000 dollar Obrea MTB, his 150 button up bike jersey, and 100 baggy shorts. When we got to the first hill he poped. He turned around half way up and went home with his head hung. On a good note it made me feel like maybe I am getting back to normal

Sunday, August 26, 2012


That is how many days until the first cross race of the year in CO. Getting excited but I am unsure if I am going to make the 2 hour drive for the first race. The season is very long this year and there is only one weekend day of no racing! They have a new system this year so every race has points which means I may not do the 1st race (no points+ long drive = doubt)

Bikes are almost dialed. I have new parts coming and I need to swing by the shop and get some new tires. I always forget how fast tires wear out. The riding/training has been going pretty good. I just never really know how good until I'm in the middle of the race with my eyes crossed.
I have been doing a ton of power work and speed work. I am hoping that it pays off. Last year I started out pretty good and it paid off with an overall series win and some race wins. I faded through out the year but I had that kinda planned. This year I am hoping to build over the next month and then hold it to the end of the year. We will see how that works out.

Other things going on:
Thinking about going to Cyclocross Worlds as a winter vacation. That would be AWESOME!!

Speaking of training! I am out!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jesus built my singlespeed!

Although I am not racing the SS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP stage race in Breck I dream of it daily. I really had the though in my head that I would do this race. Not to win but to have fun and say I did it. Well, with injuries occurring that was quickly halted.
I have slowly been getting back into race shape and the last few days have been glorious! Any racer out there knows the feeling of flying up hills as fast as you go down them is just AWESOME! I know that I am not close to 100 percent but any time you have a good day it mentally helps. Not to worried about going into the season red hot. It's a long season, all the way into late January. Racing starts in 23 days!

Tonight I took out the Kona SS. I have not ridden it for some time and I really wasn't sure how it was going to go. I will tell you what! It's not steel! I have been riding my Raven CXSS(steel) or my Superfly SS (carbon) all year. The Kona is just flat out FAST! I had plans to buy a new cross bike but what I want isn't coming out until 2013 so I'm going to hold off and maybe buy a new MTB (with gears! Don't tell anyone).

Tonight I put in 2 1/2 hours of speed work and hills. I had a great time and I'm sure I was smiling most of the time. Tonight it felt like "Jesus built my hot rod". So fast and so right. Goose bumps from having fun when its 90 degrees out is AWESOME!

Tomorrow morning is going to be my last morning ride during the work week. I start back to work officially on Thursday. The good news is that I bought a set of lights when I did the 18 hours of Fruita so I will begin to race the sun, and if I lose I'll have lights to scare off the big kitty cats lurking in the bushes.
Not only is tomorrow my last morning ride but it is the first Wednesday night cross training in Golden. So tomorrow I will be doing a "two a day". Should be fun and looking forward to seeing racers I haven't seen since last year.
We (Routine Leg Works) are the sponsor of these races so we are going to step up the track this year with a sand pit and some more steps and a few other fun things. It's going to be a KILLER cross season!

Ride on!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The count down! Stay tuned.

So I have not been posting this summer due to other commitments and a little crash in Utah the first weekend of June that took teh wind out of sail and put me on teh NO bike riding plan. However, that is about to change. Cyclocross season is fast approaching and the bike riding/training is coming around.
Before moving on. Here is a quick review of my summer.
Built a Flagstone patio
Built a 45 foot long retaining wall next to the patio
Visited the doc multiple times trying to get the left side of my body to work.
Pulled a muscle in my rotator cuff
Played ultimate Frisbee every Sunday
Brought Will to Lacrosse practice every week
Drank many Coors
Gained weight
Lost weight
Rode my single speed
Rode my other single speed
Rode my road bike 4 times
Saw many snakes
Moved Will to the basement room
Painted Wills room
Did NO work for school

So cross season starts in less then 25 days. The first race is in the Springs on the 8th. Looking forward to racing a new course, but I will be driving down really early in the AM due to the rearrangement of race times.
There is a new system for call ups this year. We are having a TT cross race. Times dictate call ups. Should be a fun way to start the true race season.
There are races every weekend so if all goes well I will be posting about theses races. I will not be going to Nationals this year but have it in the books for the following two years. I am thinking about getting a geared carbon race bike. Something I can race SS and other.
Will is also planning on racing but I really don't know how that will go. If he is hooked he will be racing nationals the following two years. Maybe he'll go pro, or just have fun.  

Today was my first day in a long time where I was able to use my whole body while riding. I was testing out my rotator cuff and other issues. Still working on a few issues but I should be good to go when race season hits.

Stay tuned! Cross racing is getting close and RLW is ready to WIN!!!

Friday, June 08, 2012

To many things for a title, but I'll try! Missouri, 18hrs of Fruita, Endurnce series, and randon stuff

WOW! I have been off the blogging train for a while!

Looking back, I have not posted anything since March. I have a pretty good reason for that but I will not go into details. I will start to catch up today.

First, I took Will with me to Missouri to visit some family friends and celebrate a 70th birthday. That put me into April where school took over as well as training for the Ultra Endurance Series and the 18 hours of Fruita.

All of that went well. We finished school, TCAP scores went up for third grade so I think we are doing something right. I had a decent race in Pueblo but I didn’t really ride hard. It was shorter then I am use to riding and I stopped at the pit areas. Looking back, I should not have stopped! Finished 6th, I don’t really remember. I do remember that I started late , a minute, had a major tire issue ( I heart Stans), stopped at ALL 4 aid stations and talked to people, and only finished 20 minutes off the winner (he didn't stop). STUPID!!! No more STOPPING!

The 18 hour race was great. Our team had 3 newbies to 18/24 hour racing. We finished 4th which I have to say is pretty good. We had a few problems with lights and mental strength but we finished and I am ready to do it again. I am thinking I may do it solo next year on a geared bike.

The other endurance race was moved, which sucked because I had it as an A race and I was ready to kill it. A huge rain storm came through and stopped us from racing the night before and the day of. So, between that and the new date of the race, last Sunday. I went to Utah and rode Gooseberry Mesa and the surrounding area and hit thunder Mountain on the way back. Killer rides but if you ride a single speed be prepared to have the right gear!

I took a good fall on the slick rock which knocked me out of last Sunday’s race as well as just riding my bike. LAME!! Preloaded my fork on a really tight uphill corner, the fork shot back on me and sent into Punji sticks and then down onto the slick rock. And this is one reason I have always ridden ridged on my SS. I rode the rest of the rides locked out! Put a stick into my hip. (No pics, you would not want to see it!) That really slowed me down, but it didn’t stop me until I got home and had a rest day. That’s when it hit me, my hip flexors ,and my spine.

Today I went to the doc, got a massage and I was told to take it easy. So I am staying put, cleaning the house, hanging with the kids and looking, and only looking, at my yard projects.

This weekend hold a fishing contest with Will and getting yard work projects wrapped up and getting ready to heading to MN next Saturday. I am bringing both bikes and can’t wait to ride hours of tight single track.
Pics are not organized, but they do relate. See if you can figure them out.